Future Library Site
Future Library Location
465 North Main Street, Slippery Rock, PA.

Why Does Slippery Rock Need A New Library?
Our current library in Slippery Rock Community Park is 283 square feet and is inadequate to meet the needs of our community. Continuing increases in the number of patrons and in the number of materials circulated merits the need for a new facility. Quite frankly, we have run out of room! We are limited on building our collection and offering programs to our patrons.

As the role of libraries continues to change, having a larger facility will enable the staff and the board to better fulfill the library's mission: "The Slippery Rock Community Library provides a welcoming environment while connecting people to services, activities and technology to enrich life, foster literacy, inspire curiosity and stimulate imagination."

What Services Does the Library Offer?
We provide programming for adults and for children. Our library is affiliated with the Butler County Federated Library System (BCFLS) and has access to materials from all libraries in the county. As such, our library offers one-stop shopping. We also offer a public access computer, wi-fi and electronic book titles.

Slippery Rock University has a Library - Why isn't that Enough?
The SRU Bailey Library is a wonderful facility. The mission of the Bailey Library differs from ours and is designed to, among other purposes, "promote resources and services to meet the intellectual and academic needs of students, faculty, staff and administration". (Source, Bailey Library Website)

How much money needs to be raised to build the library?
Through generous donations, we have been able to buy property at 465 North Main Street. We are now raising funds to build our library.

What Funding Resources Have Been Tapped?
Our library is too small to qualify for state library funding, so we have relied on the support of others. We have been fortunate to receive generous donations toward our building fund from individuals and from organizations. We have also received a five-year matching grant. Where Will the New Library be Located?
The Slippery Rock Community Library friends purchased property at 465 North Main Street. We are thrilled with the central location and look forward to expanding our services.

Whe Have Broken Ground!
Yahoo and congratulations to everyone who has helped this far! We are hoping to celebrate our birthday (June 5) in the new building and will keep you updated about when we will be moving.

How Will the New Library Be Supported?
Operational Funding will continue to come from fund-raising events, from municipal donations, and from individual and organizational contributions.

How Can I Help?
Please visit and use our current library! Experience our helpful staff and quality service.

To donate to our cause, you have many options.

  1. Mail a donation to:
    Slippery Rock Community Library, PO Box 25, Slippery Rock, PA 16057

  2. Leave a donation at the library or pick up a pledge card.

  3. Make an online donation. Click the Donate button above to securely donate through Paypal.

  4. Call the library at 724.728.9179 to have a Friends of the Library member meet with you.

All donations are tax deductible.